Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Odd Socks are the Go!

Entering the Final State

Rob - Over the Top

On the Last Big Climb

Victory in Yorktown

We rode to Victory in Yorktown on Thursday 9 August, 2007.

Monday's ride to Elkins was full of drama. We started in the pouring rain from Athens, OH and soon punctured. This set the scene for the rest of the day with Rob achieving the daily record of 7 flats and 1 destroyed tyre. Steve was lucky with only 2 flats and 1 ruined tyre.

After such a torrid day, the final three days were fantastic! Despite the dire warnings of the waitress in Elkins - " you have an ambulance to support you?" - we all made it over the 10,000+ feet of climbing to have a beautiful cruise into Virginia. The next morning began with a climb over the Blue Ridge Mountains and then into the impressive Shenandoah Valley! Tall timbers lined the side of the road as we raced toward Ashland. Another highlight of the day was seeing a live skunk beside the road.

Everyone was in high spirits for the last day's ride into Williamsburg and onto the finish post. Rob's knee was playing up but like a good trooper he fought bravely to claim victory in Yorktown!

The wether report is as follows: after an extreme high pressure abated, calm was restored. Disbelief has set in as we deal with a couple of niggling fronts which are getting us back to earth.